Live At Tonic

2006 RopeADope

_CD 1
_1. Techicolor Nightmare_(McBride)_12:48
_2. Say Something_(Terreon Gully)_6:04
_3. Clerow's Flipped_(McBride)_6:05
_4. Lejos De Usted_(McBride)_7:01
_5. Sonic Tonic_(Ron Blake)_11:44
_6. Hibiscus_(Geoffrey Keezer)_6:02
_7. Sitting On A Cloud_(McBride)_6:52
_8. Boogie Woogie Waltz_(Joe Zawinul)_14:54

_CD 2
_1. See Jam, Hear Jam, Feel Jam_(*)_29:23
_2. Out Jam/Give It Up Or Turnit Loose_(James Brown)_9:35
_3. Lower East Side/Rock Jam_(*)_6:26
_4. Hemisphere Jam_(*)_3:36
_5. Bitches Brew_(Miles Davis)_4:51
_6. Out Jam/Via Mwandishi_(McBride)_7:57
_7. Mwandishi Outcome Jam_(*)_7:10
_8. The Comedown Jam(LSD Jam)_(*)_3:58

_CD 3
_1. E Jam_(**)_33:03
_2. Ab Minor Jam_(**)_12:59
_3. D Shuffle Jam_(**)_9:00
_4. D Shuffle Jam (part 2)_(**)_11:32

Christian McBride_acoustic & electric basses
Ron Blake
_tenor, soprano, baritone saxophones & flute
Geoffrey Keezer
Terreon Gully_drums

Special Guests
Charlie Hunter
_guitar, Jason Moran_piano, Jenny Scheinman_violin, DJ Logic_turntables, Scratch_beat box, Eric Krasno_guitars and Rashawn Ross_trumpets

Produced by Andy Blackman Hurwitz and Christian McBride for the McBride Company, Inc.

Recorded by Phillip Harvey
Editing by Pete Karam
Mastering by Michael Fossenkemper

Recorded January 10th and 11th at Tonic in New York City.

*Written by Christian McBride, Ron Blake, Terreon Gully, Geoffrey Keezer, Charlie Hunter, Jennifer Scheinman, Jason Moran and published by ToniChris Music

**Written by Christian McBride, Ron Blake, Terreon Gully, Geoffrey Keezer, Eric Krasnow, DJ Logic, Scratch and published by ToniChris Music