Kind Of Brown
Christian Mcbride & Inside Straight

2009 Mack Avenue Records

_1. Brother Mister_(McBride)_4:54
_2. Theme For Kareem_(Freddie Hubbard)_7:51
_3. Rainbow Wheel_(McBride)_6:30
_4. Starbeam_(McBride)_6:37
_5. Used ‘Ta Could_(McBride)_6:35
_6. The Shade Of The Cedar Tree_(McBride)_7:50
_7. Pursuit Of Peace_(Reed)_6:06
_8. Uncle James_(McBride)_5:27
_9. Stick & Move_(McBride)_8:07
10. Where Are You?
_(Adamson/McHugh)_ 4:18
11. Brother Mister (with Tambourine)_(McBride)_4:54

Christian McBride acoustic bass
Steve Wilson alto, soprano saxophone
Warren Wolf, Jr. vibes
Eric Reed piano
Carl Allen drums

Produced by: Christian McBride

Executive Producer: Gretchen Valade
Recorded and Mixed by Joe Ferla.
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA.