The Situation Log
Posted on 8/4/2006at 3:47 PM
I just had one of the most incredible gigs of my life yesterday as I had a "Situation" yesterday with Oliver Lake (alto), Adam Rogers (guitar) and Billy Hart (drums). It was so, so happening. This band people will see again....definitely! In September, the "Stiuation (Vol. 1)" will be performing in Boston, and in October, we'll be in Philly. Just to recap:

A Christian McBride Situation (vol.1)

Ron Blake - saxes
Patrice Rushen - keyboards
DJ Logic - turntables

A Christian McBride Situation (vol.2)

Oliver Lake - saxes
Adam Rogers - guitar
Billy Hart - drums

I think "Vol.3" will debut early 2007. In the meantime, the CMB's planning a European tour in November. Lookout!

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