I'll leave this one up to you guys...
Posted on 8/4/2006at 2:11 PM
Hey there,

You know, critics can be very similar to cops. Cops walk around with their guns and clubs and they get to beat up on you and/or harass you for whatever. In this case, of course, their clubs and guns are their pen and paper. And also, like some cops, they tend to go on their knee-jerk reactions as opposed to actually thoroughly checking out what's happening. They just write (or shoot!).

"Jeez! McBride's comparing critics to COPS? That's a little harsh, huh? I thought he was a critic's darling!" A message to all of you - just because a critic likes your CD or gives you a good review, that does NOT mean - by any stretch of the imagination - that it's either a well-written or thoughtful review. It does not mean that the critic did all they could do to really pay attention to the nuances of the entire project. It does not mean that they took the time to see how a current project relates to an older one, etc, etc. It's only means that they liked whatever they heard - and sometimes, that might not be much! And the MAIN thing you should remember - they surely didn't pay for the CD they reviewed, and they won't pay to come and see you play. So, as far as I'm concerned, all critics should be grateful that they even HAVE a trade!!

These days, too many critics have this Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler "I'm-funny-aren't-I-clever" style of writing. It's pathetic.

Now, don't let your imaginations run too wild here, I'm not saying I hate all critics (just like I don't hate all cops - but I gotta admit, YOU try to live in New York as a black man! You know how many times I've been pulled over for whatever?) I'm just saying that I wish there were more thoughtful critics. There've been a number of bad reviews of my shows and my CD's that I actually liked because I could tell at least the critic LISTENED to it. It was a "thorough" dislike, you see? I remember when "A Family Affair" was released, a critic from Seattle actually CALLED me and said, "Christian, I just got your new CD, man. I don't really understand what's happening with it. I don't dig the CD at all, but I just wanted to talk to you and dig into your head a bit before I review it. Maybe you can hip me to something I'm not hearing..." I SO RESPECTED THAT!! He wanted to be thorough. And guess what, after we talked, he STILL didn't dig the CD! Ha!

So, here's what I'm going to leave up to you - I'm thinking about doing a section on this website called "Review the Review" where YOU the fans cut and paste the review up on the "Say It Loud" page, and I'll review the review. Don't worry, I'll keep it light! Hee-Hee! My comedy comes more from Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson and George Carlin. And if I'm REALLY rolling - Paul Mooney! Heh-Heh!

So, I have a feeling Melissa and my manager won't dig this idea - ("it's too risky") - but I think it's time to have a little fun with these critics. Whaddya say? Like I said, I don't feel like I HAVE to do this. Only if you want to!

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