New rules for "Say it Loud"
Posted on 2/23/2006at 3:07 PM
Due to the high volume of junk posts being left on the "Say it Loud" page, all posters must now register, receive a password and you'll be home free. Try it.

Discussions - Spirited discussions are welcome, but Christian reserves the right to delete anything we deem inappropriate. Inappropriate means; no profanity, no impersonating other members and no stalking. This site is (mostly) about music. Feel free to engage in ardent discussions about what you like or dislike about it. And of course, you all know, "Say It Loud" is intended for personal use only; commercial solicitations are not permitted and will be deleted.

Moderation - "Say It Loud" is a moderated discussion area. All new subjects and messages are updated within 24 hours and are subject to approval by the moderator. Either create a new subject or post a message to an existing subject. All new subjects and messages are updated within a 24 hour period.

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