The McBride Diaries (Vol.12)
Posted on 10/30/2005at 2:20 AM
Maybe my latest diary entry might break up some of this football talk. (I can't believe someone started a friggin' BENGALS thread! What is that??)

Last time I wrote a diary entry, I was single and on the road with David Sanborn. Now, I'm married (and loving it!) and on the road with Pat Metheny. I have to admit, I never thought I'd ever be on the road with David Sanborn because I was viewed by so many musicians and fans at one point as such a traditionalist, I just thought David would never be interested or think to ask. But the tour this summer was absolutely AWESOME! I can't begin to tell you how much fun all of us (Terri Lyne Carrington, Gil Goldstein and Don Alias) had reconstructing all of David's old hits ("Snakes", "Corners", etc, etc,). He gave us all free reign to do whatever it was we thought would be hip. I very much look forward to playing with him again. As much as I like playing with Pat Metheny, I must admit, I'm a bit jealous that Geoffrey and Terreon are out there without me playing all that funk and whatever else with David. If the three of us were all together with David, it would be REAL UGLY! Actually, we'd probably get fired for taking it too out! Ha-Ha! I know Mike Pope (David's current bassist) is taking care of NATURAL BUSINESS, though. (As James Williams would have said...)

After David's tour, as usual, I went to Aspen to do my annual summer program. As always, it was fun. I think I may have mentioned this past summer's program in my previous diary post. Among other things, the CMB played a great set at the Belly Up with our man, DJ Logic.

After Aspen, I made a few gigs with the great Chick Corea. Playing those shows with Chick and Jeff Ballard were some of the best straight-ahead gigs I've done in a long time. It was pure music. Nothing else but pure music. It wasn't about the "hits", it wasn't about "the profile", it was about music. Good, good music. Although we didn't rehearse much, the gig did not feel (or sound) like a jam session. Chick has a way of doing that. It was my first time playing with Jeff Ballard. Boy, that cat can swing!

After Chick's gigs, I got married to the wonderful Melissa Walker. Ah, yes, that glorious and sublime spiritual bonding of two souls known as marriage. So far, all those years of listening to Bill Cosby's records are coming in handy!! Although, Melissa's increasing comparisons of me to George Jefferson are making me a bit nervous!

The fresh sheen of our wedding was short lived as I left for Los Angeles to be named the new Creative Chair for the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Jazz series through the 2007-08 season. What does that mean? It means that I'll be booking all of the jazz concerts at the Hollywood Bowl and Disney Hall. I'll be working on putting together some dream packages for the series. Stay tuned for some serious news.....

Since September the 6th, I've been out here on the road with Pat. David Sanchez has joined us for this tour, and he's playing great. We haven't played together for a very, very long time. We made one record together with Lalo Schifrin about 5 years ago, but before that, it had been since 1992 when we were on the road with the Phillip Morris Superband. Needlees to say, Pat and Antonio are playing great. Night after night, they're playing at a high level. It also looks like that live recording will finally come out. Stay tuned....

In the middle of all of the husband duties, Pat duties and LA Phil duties, I had some serious Jazz Museum in Harlem duties, too. Loren Schoenberg and I played a gig with Paula Zahn. Yes, THAT Paula Zahn from CNN! Did you know she's a serious cellist? We also interviewed Congressman Charles Rangel (D) (heh!heh!) for our Harlem Speaks series, and what a gas it was. It's great to hear someone who sits in congress talk about jazz! He told some great stories as Billy Taylor and Arthur Barnes joined in the conversation.

I also had a quick series of gigs with the "Ray Brown Family" - Benny Green, Russell Malone, Greg Hutchinson and John Clayton. What can I say? It was great. Ray Brown is alive and well!

I'm telling you right now, after this Pat Metheny tour is over, I'm going "incognegro!" You ain't gonna hear a peep out of me for a while. I need about two months off, and doggone it, I'm gonna get those two months!! So Happy Thanksgivng, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that stuff. Who knows? I may write before the end of the year, but I'm tired, Jack!

All right, everybody. I have a cold and a headache, so I'm outta here.

By the way, go to and congratulate my main man and his wife on the birth of their brand new baby girl!!


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