What's "A Christian McBride Situation"?
Posted on 9/29/2005at 5:30 PM
Some of you may have noticed that on the "Gigs" page, "A Christian McBride Situation" performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival a couple weeks ago. In case you're wonderng who or what is the "situation", it goes something like this....

The CMB was originally booked to play the Monterey festival, but because of scheduling conflicts with Geoffrey and Terreon (who are on tour with David Sanborn), I had to come up with another band. I certainly didn't want to perform under the CMB banner with musicians other than Keezer and Terreon, so one of my road managers, Duncan Aldrich, inadvertently said, "It looks like we have a Christian McBride situation..." It sounded so cool, I promised him that one day I would use that name for a band! So, henceforth, any gig under my name that does NOT feature the CMB, it will be "A Christian McBride Situation." The "Situation" can change at anytime. The musicians can change at anytime. So, there are no "members" of the Situation. It's just means that someone in the CMB couldn't make the gig.

So, the first edition of the "situation" turned out to be DJ Logic, Ron and PATRICE RUSHEN. The gig was killin'. I didn't know WHAT to expect. I wasn't sure if it would work or not, but everyone there in Monterey seemed to dig it. I'm glad. So, I will call this band "A Christian McBride Situation, vol. 1"!

The CMB will see you in Philly on November 18, however.

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