Posted on 12/1/2004at 3:25 PM
1. "What's your setup?"
Go to the "gear" page, and everything is pretty laid out. And yes, the AMT mic goes over the sound post side F-Hole.

2. "Do you still live in Philadelphia?"
No. I've lived in the New York area since 1989.

3. "Do you give private lessons?"
Due to my touring schedule, and my responsibilities at various colleges and summer programs, I no longer teach privately.

4. "I've seen you play at shows that aren't listed on your website. Why?"
You really don't think I would put EVERY gig on my website, do you? Plus, I try to concentrate exclusively on CMB gigs. We could use more people buying merchandise, dig? :-)

5. "I'm a musician, and I'd like to get a tape to Sting......Diana Krall......Whoever....."
Don't even think about it! I'm not these people's secretary. I don't hold a magic wand on getting musicians these gigs. Do you not think they get enough tapes and CD's from people they already know???? Go to their websites.

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