Posted on 5/20/2005at 3:57 PM
From "coach" Andy Hurwitz at Ropeadope.....

CMB GETS ROPEADOPED: in the 2005 draft, ropeadope traded up, and selected Christian McBride in the first round. The eclectic brooklyn label wasted no time with their new franchise player, putting him into the starting line-up right off the bat. and in January of that year, the CMB proved the label right by tearing the roof off of downtown New York's fabled club tonic for two nights. each night featured an opening set by the CMB and a second set that featured the band with special guests including: Charlie Hunter, DJ Logic, Eric Krazno (Soulive), Scratch (The Roots), Jason Moran, Jenny Schienman and Rashawn Ross. For those unlucky souls that missed the sold-out shows, a double CD set will be released in early 2006. and because we know y'all can't wait that long, we'll get you a sneak peak this fall with some exclusive itunes downloads.

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