Posted on 3/30/2005at 4:01 AM
I must ask all of you to please excuse my dilatory welcome to the new site. If any of you have been following my "gigs" page since the new site went up, you'll know that I've been busier than someone on two days of prune juice!

I sincerely hope that you all enjoy the new design. There's still some things to come - like some CMB live show downloads, sheet music downloads, more photos, maybe some live streaming video of future CMB shows, and dig this - a "Useless McBride Trivia Page!" You know, just for fun! What do you get when you answer something right on the trivia page? I don't know, maybe nothing! Heh-Heh!

Also, the "Say It Loud" page is back! Now, listen, my web team of Jack Frisch, Lee Harris and Phillip Funk will not take any crazy messages from any chicken heads or nut jobs. You know who you are. Please leave intelligent messages. Other people are reading.

I hope you have fun browsing the pages. (not that there's anything new on them except the design!)

The Boss

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