The McBride Diaries (Vol.9)
Posted on 5/3/2004at 0:25 AM

Can you believe that already one-third of the year is complete?? Where does time go?

When I made my prediction that this year was going to be a year to "get my hands dirty," I didn't realize that I would be so on point. The Warner Brothers debacle not only has the CMB suspended in mid-stride, but also the other great artists who are on the label - Pat Metheny, Joshua Redman, Kenny Garrett, Nicholas Payton, Brad Mehldau, Kirk Whalum, among others. And of course, it's always a bit difficult to get immediate gigs when you don't have a current CD out. So, with that being said, the CMB fall tour is shaping up just a bit slower than I'd like. (a bit slower than Ron, Geoffrey, and Terreon would like, too!) But, trust me, we WILL hit (and hit hard!) this fall. As for Warners, this should all be ironed out real soon. Stay tuned.

As you may have noticed on the "gigs" page a while ago, I did a month-long promotional tour with my old pal, Diana Krall. As it turned out, I really shouldn't have put the dates up on the site at all, because it was a promotional tour - none of the gigs were open to the public. They were mostly private showcases for record company reps, local critics, and contest winners. Diana's concert tour (which just started) should be a successful one. Although, in my eyes, I still can't quite see Diana as being a superstar. She's just my old hanging buddy. I still think of her taking the subway to gigs! When people get all goo-goo eyed because I've played with Diana, I just go, "" I wish her the best on her tour. I know it'll be great.

As for the CMB, we just got back from an amazing trip to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. We played two different venues in two days. We were lucky to play on the main stage the day before vicious thunderstorms cancelled the concerts the following day (for only the second time in the festival's history, so I heard). I cannot tell you how great it felt to play "Technicolor Nightmare" again! Later that night, I played at the famous "Tipitina's" in the French Quarter for the "Rope-A-Dope New Music Seminar." It was just one big, long, funk jam session! I played with my boys from Sex Mob, DJ Logic, Charlie Hunter, Eric Krasno (from Soulive), and members of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, among others. People danced for HOURS! Some people jumped on stage. It was just like I like it - hot, sweaty, and funky!

Although the CMB's concert on the main outdoor stage was cool, the REAL fun came the following night when we played a brand new place called the Uptown Showcase Supper Club. Now, for those of you who are hip, with a name like "Uptown Showcase Supper Club", you know exactly what this place looked, smelled, and felt like. Also, you know what part of town it was in! You checkin' me out? When you paid admission (20$, I think), you heard two groups (we didn't even START until 11pm! Just like the fun, old days!), and you had an all-you-could-eat SOUL FOOD BUFFET!! You would NEVER, EVER find a place like that south of 110th Street in New York City in 2004!! And if you wanted to smoke, or dance, IT WAS OK!!!!

What a concept - celebration!!

After we played our two-hour show, all the people there just walked around slapping hands, laughing, talking loud, smoking, drinking, and having innocent, harmless, soulful fun. Nobody was drunk, nobody acted out of line, it was just plain fun. You know, the kind of fun the government used to let us have. Now, we have to be mindful and respectful of rich people who've never had soulful fun in their lives, basically!

There's been new dates added to the gigs page. Check it out when you can.

Also, time's ticking on these website updates. They're almost done. I'm starting to get a little tired of looking at my own website! :-)


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