2004 Preview - A Look Ahead
Posted on 3/7/2004at 7:07 AM
What's around the corner? Man, I don't know. I stopped trying to figure that out a long time ago. I just roll with the flow. What I DO know is this.....

2004 got off to a BIG BANG with some CMB gigs in New York at Birdland, Boston at Scullers, Philly at the Theater at the Convention Center, and Northampton at the Iron Horse. As always, the cats were on fire, but the gig in Philly was extra special because it was in Philly and you know that meant the family was there. The Boston gigs were great because....well, ALL the gigs were great! You know how much fun I have playing with the cats. I look forward to our next CD. Which I think is, uh, going to be uh, maybe LIVE??? That's the ONLY way the energy of this band can be captured accurately. So, at this point (2/10/04 7:50AM) all we need is a place to record the gig, and confirmation on whether we'll still have a record company! (Check http://www.billboard.com for updates on Warner Brothers Records)

Last week, I was honored to be a part of the 10th anniversary of McCoy Tyner's annual Yoshi's residency. Jeff "Tain" Watts and I played with McCoy. Last year, around this same time if you all remember, Lewis Nash and I played with McCoy, and he wore us out. Well, guess what, folks? He did it again! McCoy Tyner is playing better than ever. It seems like he's getting stronger. I know this is the exact same thing I said last year, but I can't help it. McCoy is burnin'! It's so great to see the titans like him, Roy Haynes, Herbie, Elvin, Jack, Chick and Wayne and so many others just playing better than ever. How inspiring.

Right before McCoy's gig, I went to LA to do a session with Al Jarreau, and it was smokin'. Al's pianist and musical director, Larry Williams, wrote most of the arrangements and they were great. You should enjoy the CD when it's released.

OK, what's coming up?

I'm preparing to do a few gigs with Diana Krall in support of her upcoming release, "The Girl In The Other Room". We're doing a few gigs in Europe and I think we're doing maybe one or two gigs in the states. I don't quite know yet. Keep checking the "gigs" page.

This summer, I'm doing some more gigs with Pat Metheny's Trio. I think we're only going to be in Europe, but like I said, keep checking the gigs page.

So, yeah, there's that, there's the upcoming CMB live thang, and there MIGHT be - are you ready for this? The Philadelphia Experiment - part 2. But, we'll see. It's all on ?uestlove.

Also....be on the lookout for "The Christian McBride Bass Method" book to be published
by Hal Leonard this year. I'm so excited. I hope I make sense in the book...

In the fall, it's ALL CMB!!! I don't care what I have to do, but it's gonna be ALL CMB!!!

At this point, it looks like it's going to be another very good year. My prediction is that I'm going to get my hands nice and dirty this year. I'm playing on grass this year, not turf!

Catch you down the line......

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