The Pat Metheny Trio Tour
Posted on 2/3/2004at 10:37 AM
I spent much of the last 3 months of 2003 on tour with the great Pat Metheny. As I'm sure I mentioned in some earlier post, I haven't had a chance to seriously play with Pat since 1993. Since that time, we've done a CD with Roy Haynes (Te Vou), and a few tunes here and there, but it really wasn't until this last tour that I was able to again be in the Metheny vortex. Besides playing with Pat, it was fun playing with Antonio Sanchez who I'd never played with before. I knew he was a mean drummer from hearing him with Danilo Perez, David Sanchez, John Patitucci and others, but not only is he a bad drummer, but he's a great guy, too.

For much of the early part of the tour, we played some of Pat's more well known songs like "James", "Question & Answer", "Soon May It Secretly Begin", "Bright Size Life", "Sirabhorn", etc, etc. But as the tour progressed, we started to work in some of his new tunes like "#16", "#4", "#10" and "#11". Of course, I'll always recognize these new songs by the numbers, so when he comes up with titles, I'll have to learn them all over again!

We spent most of the tour on the east coast and the midwest. One particularly fun stop on the tour was Lawrence, Kansas. Pat's entire family came to the show that night. It was fun to watch Pat with his parents, his brother, and his many cousins. But that big family reunion happened again when we played in Philly a week later. It felt like every known McBride family member was at that gig. What a great night. All we needed was to play in Mexico City for the Sanchez family reunion!

The tour ended in Japan in December right before Christmas. Man, Japan was deep. Many of our Japanese fans were quite, uh, exuberant. I hope you all in Japan are like that when the CMB plays there. We also did some live recording, but I have no idea when it will be released. You better go to Pat's website for that info. I'll say that again....

You better go to Pat's website for that info.

Overall, it was great being on the road with Pat again as I'm totally in awe of his musical integrity and seriousness while being able to simultanelously focus on buliding a serious career image. How many jazz artists have landmark hairdos? How many jazz artists can play straight ahead jazz and have screaming fans in an ARENA? How many artists (period) have won 16 Grammy awards (that's got to be a record) and really don't care? How many jazz artists have fans who are almost as familiar with the CREW as well as the musicians? How many jazz artists have a truck carrying only merchandise?

And at the end of the day, there's Pat in the corner, just practicing his guitar as always.

That just goes to show, jazz musicians can be matinee idols and play serious music!

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