The McBride Diaries (Vol.8)
Posted on 8/30/2003at 7:09 PM
You know, I was sitting here thinking....

Whatever happened to real soul singing? I mean, whatever happened to the real gritty, churchy, in-your-face soul singers? Especially the men. What's happening with the brothers, man? Is Gerald LeVert the only gritty young singer out there? I know there are the Johnny Gill's and the K-Ci's, and newer cats like Dave Hollister and Jaheim, but the real grit is far between. I'm not just talking James Brown, but men like Solomon Burke, Wilson Pickett, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards, Joe Tex, Bobby Womack, and Teddy Pendergrass. How come no young cats want to sing with that forceful, grab-you-by-the-throat sound anymore? Almost everyone sings whiny and falsetto-y now. BRING BACK THE SOUL!

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