The McBride Diaries (Vol.7)
Posted on 2/14/2003at 3:10 AM
Hi everybody,

With the threat of war looming over us, and New York City constantly on "orange alert", we need music more than ever, don't we? I'm not talking about music to get your groove on, or music that has to be "approved" by Clear Channel, I'm talking about music that's going to propel change, not reflect it. I bet this is what America felt like in 1960. On the brink of a revolution.

You think the government will hack my harmless website now? :-)

The year has been going well so far. I was in the studio with Pat Martino for a few days recording his upcoming CD. It was a lot of fun. The band was happening - Pat, Joe Lovano, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and my man, Lewis Nash. Look for a release sometime in the next several months.

After Pat's session, I flew to LA to play on a couple of tracks for Sting's new CD. Just as I suspected, his new songs are great. I played on three songs, two of which will be on the CD. Sting feels like the third song, which was a cool, jazzy tune, might not fit with the rest of the CD. So, we'll see if it makes it. I can't remember the names to any of the songs right now.

January ended with quite a bang. I had the honor of playing a week at Yoshi's in Oakland with McCoy Tyner. I've been very lucky to play with McCoy many times through the years, but it's always been in a somewhat contrived "All-Star" setting. In those situations, McCoy always seemed to try to stay out of the way, but at Yoshi's, mmaaannnnnnnn...... I have to say, I've NEVER, EVER heard McCoy play that inspired! He wore me and Lewis Nash OUT!! After the first show on the first night, Lewis and I were SOAKED! I felt like we were playing a rock and roll show! McCoy showed he's still the MAN!

Next, I'm preparing for the "Vertical Vision" tour. It's gonna be a long one, but it's gonna be a great one. Please come and see us when we're in your town. I need the support!

See ya on the road!

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