Posted on 1/1/2003at 2:03 PM
Welcome to the next 365 days of our lives. Personally, I'm quite glad that 2002 is over. As of right now, 2003 looks to be the year of the CMB. As you can see on the gigs page, the VERTICAL VISION tour will be good and long. New dates are being added every week. The only thing that bothers me about the tour so far is no show in Atlanta is being booked. What is UP with y'all in the "dirty south"? I haven't played in Atlanta since 1999 when I played at Clayton College. Actually, that might have been 1998. Where's the guys who book the Variety Playhouse? Oh, I get it - a "jazz bass player" can't sell out the house, huh? At least that's what I heard they said. So, to all of my friends in Atlanta, LOBBY! Ha-Ha!

After the VERTICAL VISION tour is over (whenever that'll be!), I'll be doing my usual summer programs in Richmond, Aspen, and Los Angeles (Mancini Institute). In the middle of all of this, I'll still be going to Stockton (as much as I can) for the Brubeck Institute. Also, there will a show or two with Roy Haynes between now and April. As I said last year, there's always a couple of surprises that happen year by year. We'll see what they are this year. I SURELY didn't think at the beginning of 2002 that I would be working with Paul Simon or Carly Simon, but those were my pleasant surprises of 2002.

May God bless you all in 2003. May your triumphs as well as you tribulations make you stronger, and make you ultimately feel GOOD!

"Let's drink up and be somebody!" - Dean Martin

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