Posted on 9/2/2010at 1:30 PM
This Labor Day Weekend (September 3 - 6), the Detroit Jazz Festival will share the festival with the world on DJF's Jazz - streaming live and taped performances, news flashes, interviews and behind-the-scenes commentary. Our cyberspace mission will display Detroit as the jazz hotbed that it is, place millions of eyes on our musicians, and help put jazz back in the mainstream - where it belongs.

Bassist and personality Christian McBride will conduct a series of interviews that will cover that gamut from music to sports. He is slated to speak with Mayor David Bing, NFL Hall-Of-Famer Lem Barney, Terence Blanchard, Bob Hurst and others.

Other music host interviewers include drummer Matt Wilson, trumpeter Dominick Farinacci and saxophonist Tia Fuller.

Media hosts from across the country will include John Penney (WRCJ), Linda Yohn (WEMU), Ed Love (WDET), Arturo Gomez, Tony Mowod, Rhonda Hamilton (WBGO), Bobby Jackson, Eulis Cathey (XM Sirius) and Kim Heron (MetroTimes)

DJFs Jazz Planet is a fully produced television show for the internet with segments that celebrate jazz. Program segments include:

* Detroit's H2O (there must be something is the water) where visiting musicians talk about Detroit's jazz heroes
* Jazz Riffs Musicians "riff" on everything from soup to nuts
* Innerspace up close and personal talks with musicians about their projects- not just their performances, but what inspired and what went into their works.
* Mainstream live as it happens talks with the man on the street - fans, students, cooks, puppets and more from the festival site.

The opening night red carpet goes live to the world September 3 at 6:30p.m. EST hosted by Christian McBride.

Jazz will allow artists to share some of their special projects with you and the world, up close and personal.

As DJF Executive and Artistic Director Terri Pontremoli explained, "Jazz nurtures the art form in ways we could only dream of a few years ago. Outside of being in Detroit, its the best seat in the house! And if you tune in this year, we guarantee you'll want to come back in 2011."

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