Posted on 12/31/2009at 2:17 PM
Yes, I'm aware that all the guys here at Christian have been working harder than ever this year. More blast e-mails have gone out this year than ever before. Hopefully, not to the point where you all on the mailing list are no longer paying attention. But frankly, I'm glad we've had so much stuff to announce this year.

2009 was AWESOME. The "Five Peace Band", Inside Straight and the release of "Kind Of Brown", "The Lowdown: Conversations With Christian", the "Conversations With Christian" podcast, getting back with Sting, performing and writing for my big band, performing at the Kennedy Center's been a wonderful year.

A little inside story on the Kennedy Center Honors: What you saw on TV, as you can guess, was severely edited. The best part of the show that you didn't see, sadly, was Herbie Hancock's incredible solo on "Take Five". Those who were there heard vintage Herbie. Sorry the TV audience didn't get to hear it. We also played "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "The Duke". But the best, BEST part of the night - did you see when Dave Brubeck mouthed "SON OF A B*#*#*!!!" when his sons surprised him onstage? That was C-L-A-S-S-I-C!!

2010 looks like it will be a very good year, as well. I will think positive and speak it into existence - it will be another great year!

So far, I have some shows with Inside Straight as well as my big band. But the real highlight for me in 2010 will be the documentation of my piece, "THE MOVEMENT, REVISITED". As you can see on the gigs page, we have three performances booked - New York, Ann Arbor and Detroit. Hopefully, we will have more performance opportunities with that piece in 2010....and beyond.

2010 will also bring me back together with the great Chick Corea in a couple of acoustic settings. In the summer, I will be a part of his "Freedom Band" consisting of myself, Kenny Garrett and Roy Haynes. In the fall, we will tour as a trio with Brian Blade. Hot, huh? So, as you can see, Chick and I will be the inseparable four geminis this year! I can't wait.

I want to really extend a huge thank you to those of you who signed up to even BE on my e-mail list and to the ones who's names I took upon myself to add and didn't unsubscribe. A BIG, BIG thank you. In this day of Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and whatever other networking sites there are, personal websites almost seem obsolete, but I'm glad many of you are sticking around to see what's happening on the official website.

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