The McBride Diaries (Vol.4)
Posted on 10/11/2002at 0:43 AM
....Now, if you're really hip, you'll know what I'm talking about with "Fellas - Brand New Funk."

How ya doing out there? Been watching baseball? Can you believe it - the Yankees, Braves, Diamondbacks, and A's are all OUT??? Makes me actually like a wild card series in baseball. I'm pulling for a Twins-Giants world series. Why? Well, I like the Twins because of what they went through earlier this year with the contraction drama and everything, and I like the Giants because when I played one of my first gigs as a leader in Oakland at Yoshi's in 1996, Dusty Baker came to our show. He stayed for both shows and looked like he always does in the dugout - toothpick and glasses. He's a wonderful man. Also, former Giants great Orlando Cepeda is a buddy of mine, too.

On the music front, I'm getting ready for two recording projects - one with David Sanborn, and one with Lea Delaria. I have no idea who's playing on each session, but I'm sure it'll be great.

I'm hitting the road pretty hard next month (check the "gigs" page). Looking forward to playing with Roy Haynes, the CMB, and Chick Corea. If you feel like traveling overseas, I'm sure you'd love the gigs!

The new CMB CD has been mastered, so it is now officially READY! Lookout for the release in February, 2003. The tour's going to be slammin', too. I can't wait to see what new keyboards Keezer will bring out on the tour.

Has anyone heard the new Weather Report "Live & Unreleased" CD? It's so, so great. Weather Report still sounds so fresh and new. It's amazing how some of the tracks from a 1975 concert sound like they were JUST recorded. Weather Report FOREVER!

Also, I want to give you all a heads-up on Fred Wesley's new autobiography, "Hit me, Fred!" It is a wonderfully insightful look at one of the original geniuses of funk. His stories about years on the road with James Brown, George Clinton, Ike Turner and Count Basie are great. Not to mention, Fred Wesley has been grossly overlooked as one of the great JAZZ trombonists, too. Please check his book out.

Gotta run....


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