Posted on 12/21/2009at 8:26 AM
There's no doubt that the internet is the most powerful marketing and communication tool in the world. In the jazz world, there's been a particularly exciting development with the creation of "JAZZ IT UP!" - A monthly jazz news and entertainment online TV show. Think of it as the jazz version of "Entertainment Tonight". Created and hosted by Greg Thomas, if I must say so myself, it's a pretty incredible show. You want to find out what's happening in the jazz world? Please sign up at http://jazzituptv.com. You will NOT be disappointed.

One of the elements that make the jazz world so special is the art of the "hang". Many musical ideas have been discovered AFTER the gig is over. When the musicians and their friends are sitting around having a drink and laughing and brainstorming about music, life, politics, sports or whatever, THAT'S when the stories happen. To me, it seems like too many clubs nowadays are way too eager to throw you out after the show is over, but from what I've experienced, the "hang" is just part of the gig. One of my favorite places to hear great music AND hang is "CECIL'S" in West Orange, New Jersey. "CECIL'S" has been one of my favorite local hangs for the last six years. The proprietor, drummer Cecil Brooks, III, has this club swingin' hard, baby! Check it out when you feel like crossing the Hudson: http://cecilsjazzclub.com

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