The McBride Diaries (Vol.3)
Posted on 9/30/2002at 3:00 AM

What should I rant about first? Music or sports? I'll pick music. What's been going on? I played B.B.King's club in New York a couple weeks ago with DJ Logic and Bernard Purdie. The name of the band was "Christian Logic." (I love you Andy, but that name is a little strange!) Anyway, the gig was tight! Those of you who follow DJ Logic know that he has made the turntable an instrument. He's absolutely incredible. As far as "Pretty" Purdie is concerned, he hasn't lost a thing. He's just as funky as EVER! Hopefully, we'll be able to do some more gigs soon.

Also, I got to work with Paul Simon! Out of the blue, I got a call from Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon's percussionist) saying that Paul wanted some acoustic bass on his new CD. Jamey gave him my number, and I found myself in the studio with him. What a "regular" guy Paul is. My goodness, I feel like I've probably walked by him millions of times, and didn't know who he was. No superstar personality whatsoever. Wonderful man. Needless to say, his songs were great. His new CD should make some noise. Hopefully, he'll keep my bass tracks! :-) We had great talks about the Yankees (he's a huge Yankee fan), and Herbie Hancock.

After that, I flew to California to play the Monterey Jazz Festival. I was fortunate to be there for the entire weekend, so I got to see and hear almost everyone. By far, the highlight for me was getting to play in a bass trio with Charlie Haden and Percy Heath. Percy Heath is the last living bass legend (along with Al McKibbon) from the immortal be-bop era. Charlie and I were all grins. We paid tribute to my "pops", Ray Brown. We played John Lewis's "Django."

After the bass trio, I got to oversee all of my wonderful students from the Brubeck Institute who gave an absolutely amazing performance. I was so proud of them. Also, I got to work with the man himself, Dave Brubeck. I sat in with his quartet, and we played "Yesterdays." Dave and Iola Brubeck celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. God bless them both.

These last two weeks were capped off with a bang as the CMB played a killer show at Cheney Hall in Manchester (Hartford), CT on Saturday night. It was great to play with the cats again. We played mostly music from our upcoming CD. People seemed to enjoy it. 2003 is going to be smokin'! Look out, world! (I'll have a title for the CD soon) We're heading up to UC Davis in a few weeks. That's going to be ugly! (Good ugly, that is.) Get ready Davis, y'all are about to get BLASTED!!

Now, the sports page.......

I know some of you couldn't wait for me to put up an entry when my Eagles mercilessly whupped the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago, but because it's so early in the season, I didn't want to gloat, then get wiped the next week. However, the Eagles continued the whuppage by killing the Dallas Cowboys the following week, and guess what happened today? Heh-Heh......the Eagles put some mo' whuppage on the Houston Texans! Now, I know it's only the fourth week of the season, but my Eagles are not only winning, but they're winning BIG! I'm officially excited.

What is up with Randy Moss? Come on, Randy. Tighten up!

As for Baseball, I'm pulling for a Yankees/Braves world series. Why? So I can see the Yankees sweep the Braves AGAIN!! I can't STAND the Braves. I mean, I despise the Braves. It wouldn't be so bad if they won a couple of world series titles by now, but they breeze through the division every single year, then they lose in the playoffs. Are those 11 consecutive division titles really worth it Atlanta? Listen, if your not going to win in the playoffs, move over and let my Phillies take over!

Talk to you soon.....

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