The McBride Diaries (Vol.2)
Posted on 9/8/2002at 7:04 AM

To be perfectly honest, after watching my Eagles blow a 14 point lead, and watching my Phillies lose three straight to the Mets at HOME, I can't say I'm too pleased at the moment. Why is it the Eagles get a big lead then feel like they can start practicing during the game? Blow the suckers out!! If they had that mentality, they might have gone to the Super Bowl last year. Remember they led the Rams 17-14 at halftime last year? As for the Phillies......I don't know, man, they just don't have it. Hopefully, they'll at least finish above .500 two years in a row. Considering how bad the Phillies have been for the last ten years, finishing above .500 would be QUITE an accomplishment.

OK, I know - this is not the back page to the latest Sports Illustrated, but I do love sports as you know.

What's happening on the music front? Well, for starters - GEORGE DUKE!! GEORGE DUKE!! GEORGE DUKE!! George's brand new CD "Face the Music" was just released on his own label BPM, and I gotta say it's got to be one of the funkiest, most enjoyable CD's out there. OK, maybe I'm a little biased - George is like my other dad, and ok, I played on it, too - BUT FOR REAL THOUGH - it's smokin'!! It really is! I wouldn't lie to you.

God Bless Lionel Hampton. In his 94 years, he made it through 2 massive strokes, his apartment burning down, the death of his wife, and just flat out being a traveling black jazz musician during the first half of the 20th century! Who else can say that? A true icon of survival. He is most certainly at peace now. May we all be so lucky.

You know what really gets to me when I think about it? You ever notice at "jazz" festivals these days, the headliners are never "jazz" artists? For example, I saw a billboard in the subway a few days ago advertising the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival on TV - featuring India.Arie! Now, of course, I really dig India.Arie. She's a wonderful artist, but she's FAR from being a jazz artist. For example, you know who two of the biggest headliners were at the North Sea "Jazz" festival this year? Angie Stone and Bilal!! Now let's get something straight, I have no problem with India.Arie, Angie Stone, Bilal, The Black Crowes (who were at Montreux), or anyone who's artistry is sincere, but why must the word "Jazz" be exploited so blatantly? Call it the "North Sea Jazz and Funk festival", or the "Montreux Jazz and Rock festival", or the "New Orleans Jazz and ??? festival". I don't think that's an unfair concept, do you?

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